Moai does not boot

I did not use printer for a while (couple of months). Today when I tried to print, printer stucks at first layer and layer count was 0. I tried to print different gcode files including demo ones which comes with printer without success.

I decided to upgrade firmware (from 1.15 to 1.18). I inserted SD card and power up the printer. Screen was dark for about 30 minutes. After power cycle printer stops to boot with or without SD card.

Any advices? Should I order replacement controller board or there is any possibility to reprogram controller board?

did you format your SD card? One of the first thing to do before printing / flashing firmware.

Check the powerboard / main board for resin leaks spills / loose connection.

@peopoly ?

I have a very similar problem. I left my Moai sitting (on) for several months, when I tried to use it this AM the screen was black and would not turn back on. I took it apart and reseated all the connectors and checked for resin on boards (there was none). The z-axis motor cycles upon power up so I think the main control board is running. Just no display…of course I am trying to get a print done quickly…any thoughts?

is the blue circle on the power button turns on? if not, you may have to replace your power board
Also check the connections to see if anything went loose
If the case the similar to @snavelye then it most likely due to some loose pins on the LCD board

Blue circle on power button is on. No homing attempts after power up. Board looks clean and all connectors looks normal. I may used SD card with some other files during first attempt to upgrade firmware.

I disconnected the board and resoldered the LCD connector and it still didn’t light
The blue power ring light comes on and as I said the Z motor cycles so I think we are getting power properly. How would I go about getting a new control board?

in @knov case, you may need to replace the power board
in @snavelye case, if the light on the galvo circuit is also on, it’s most likely that all you need to replace is the LCD circuit
both @knov and @snavelye please email about this to have your circuits replace, although you can buy them separately on our online shop, i would still like you to email support about this and ask them to add some spare cables to replace as well (no fees will be added) . Without being there personally, it’s really hard to tell how the circuit is damaged or is it the wire

Send the email 2 days ago to, no response so far…

i will ask the support team, most likely it went to our spam box

Thanks. They contacted me today.