Moai compatible FEP vat film selling in Europe


Where can I buy some FEP films in Europe that would be compatible with the Moai?


-I’m I the uk and just ordered direct from Peopoly. Adding some resin or something on top makes the shipping more economical, plus it’s cheaper from them direct generally.


I do agree with you Jack but to be honest I’d like another solution that does not imply waiting for days to get a FEP film from Hong Kong… Simply as a backup


it is hard to recommend since we only can confirm on ours.
We literally tested over 100 films for Moai and found only 2-3 works. Depending on what you print, lower quality FEP films may work for short period of time but you will see failure rates go up on more difficult prints.

FEP film is one of those things that the process of making the film is as important as the raw material itselfs. We learned that the hard way. Most films made for small 5.5 LCD printers do not work well for Moai


Ok I understand guess I’ll order it from you then :slight_smile: