Moai_calib_1 vs moai_calib_2


Sorry if this has been asked before but I can’t find anything via the forum search.

Anyone know what the difference between the moai_calib_1 and moai_calib_2 calibration presets are in Asura?

Which one are you supposed to use?



those sounds old.

delete your current Asura installation directory.
down the latest here again,

it does not matter even if you have 2.22, it was recently updated.

and there should be only one calibration for Moai 130




I’ve closed Asura, removed ~/Library/Application Support/Peopoly and reinstalled the latest Asura (Asura-2.22 OSX Beta) but the two calibration profiles are still there.

Digging in to the application bundle, they appear to be at /Applications/ and /Applications/ so bundled with the app.

Is this because I’m using the Mac version? Does the Windows version contain the less old calibration profiles?