Moai 200 Vat startup


Just received my Moai 200. Besides the fact that it is physically larger and heavier the build plate and vat are nothing like my Moai 130 devices.
There was no user guide included so one might be able to insure first prints might go well.
There was a document with a link to this sort of info in the box but most of the link refers to the 130 model.
I am most concerned about removal of the vat and cleaning it prior to putting resin in it.
Does anyone have info on where one might find this detail?


How did you come by your Moai 200? I can’t find it in the official store…


I believe it is only available thru authorized resellers (outlets) at present.
I did a preorder from MatterHackers as soon as they started accepting orders.


hi @earlfarrell

you can get all things Moai 200 related here:[]=moai200

including files for the SD card


Well made it past the first issues and now into printing.
First big issue I see is that the build plate is perforated and resin gets into the holes so for the first layer or 2 I find cured resin in the holes. It seems that using a raft or printing everything on supports above the plate so that the bottom surface ends up flat rather than dimpled because of the plate holes.
Does anyone else have this issue? Is there something I am missing?