*!Moai 200 Users Beware!*


Hello everyone,

I’m pretty new to the Peopoly Community and wanted to reach out to anyone else with a Moai 200 series printer. I recently needed to replace my VAT FEP film for the very first time. Let me start by saying I’ve never taken this printer apart in any way, or done anything with it other than print maybe a total of 7 things. Upon removing the vat, I found the entire bottom portion of my printer with a “river” of resin right next to and beneath the laser module and main circuit board mounted to the bottom. Resin leaked all over the power supply board mounted on the front next to the LCD circuit board and got into the power connector. It took a while to get all cleaned up. I replaced the film(which was a huge pain in the butt with that gasket) and tried to leak test the vat with some isopropyl alcohol.

So Moai engineers… community… check your printers! I barely caught mine in time. There needs to be some things put in place to prevent the main brain of the printer from getting fried from resin. I would think atleast a “waterproof” cover for the boards… I feel like the internals of the printer aren’t very well protected to begin with.

Thoughts? Questions?

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