Moai 200 - tilt motor - no end stop?

After taking out my vat I realized, that the tilt motor with the mechanism looks strange:

The printer is unused/new! There is a lot of pressure on that delicate mechanism.
I´m wondering, that there is none electrical end stop.
@Peopoly: What is to do here? How did the motor realize the upper or lower position?

its a mechanical stop, the motor will stop on its own after hitting the limit, it does make a scary sound, but dont worry too much, both moai 130 and moai 200 use the same design, Ive had my Moai 130 over 1.5 years without issues with the tilt motor.

but you do need to make sure the bracket and hinge are straight and not causing friction or pushing at an angle.

the 200 comes pre assembled, can I ask why you decided to take it apart?

Thanks John,
the Moai 200 came full assembled, ready to run. It was not planned to disasseble that unit. I realized, that the joint is not aligning to the tilt motor spindle.

in that case, yes you should align them by loosening / adjusting the silver hinges using the allen keys, I didnt realise it you Bernd from the other thread :slight_smile:

OK, I´ll disassemble the mechanism. This is also a poor design, driving the motor up to stall :slightly_frowning_face:

yeh, it scared the shit out of me when I got my first Moai 130 :slight_smile:

Its only the boot up sequence that does it, during the print the firmware controls how far the tilt happens ( PM reset position ) in your printer settings.

If you have not done so, its worth doing the laser circle test to calibrate your laser centre, and also do a dry run print without resin to see everything working. ( the DIY_test gcode or ring gcode is good )