Moai 200 Settings

Looking for some help with the Moai 200 settings

Machine is setup and levelled however I have been struggling to get a decent print with many fails.

Currently have Nex Clear high temp resin with the following settings

I have also had to change the supports settings in Asura as they were not attaching themselves to the model.

how is your ring test with this laser power?
this model would better printed if oriented side way, 90 degrees
how exactly did it failed, do you have any pictures?

Thankyou for your reply

Ring test came out very well.

I have run my model again with extra supports using chitu instead of asura and made sure there were supports all around the base and it is better. However the base edges are still wavy.

There is also warping occurring and the print is skewed

A separate print showed skewing but also a layer shift part way through the print

The first print was not round either and I had to print the calibration print to try and cure this issue. the initial measurements did not prove to be the answer and I had to increase the values manually to get a print that was circular.

The prints straight off the machine are very soft almost as if they are not cured fully. I have cured them in a formlabs uv cure oven no heat for 3 hours and they are still soft to the touch.