Moai 200, resin creeping under FEP layer


Hi all I purchased a Moai 200 from matterhackers about a month ago, I’ve only done about 10 prints and I am getting what looks like resin leaking under the FEP layer. There’s no holes, no scrapes in the FEP, but it seems like it’s leaking around the seam where it’s mounted to the aluminum plate. This doesn’t seem like it should be doing this after 10 prints. Is there some solution to this? Leveling is spot on but I’m pretty sure that isnt the cause. Am I going to have to source a new acrylic layer, now that it’s come in contact with the resin?



you can open the FEP up to check, it’s really easy to re-assemble



Same problem here, this was resin under the FEP right after delivery. I didnt even print with it. Changed the FEP.



there are spares in the cardboard with a big label don’t throw away.

We updated the Moai 200 settings to improve the results:
as well adding Asura support parameters specifically for Moai 200

We also have new updates coming up for Moai 200. stay tuned



After changing the fep have you had any issues? How’s your acrylic layer looking?



Oh yeah I made sure to save my extra FEP layers, I went ahead and changed it, the acrylic is actually glass on my printer, maybe the same for all of Moai 200’s. Took a little bit of time to change probably 45 minutes because I’m really anal. I used a hot soldering iron to poke holes through the fep for all the screws. Just remember when you put the spacer in the FEP layer becomes really tight so don’t waste time trying to get it tight while you’re mounting it, that’s what I did.