Moai 200 Prints Failing in 1 Corner


I recently set up my companies Moai 200 for use. It had been sitting unused for 2 years after a previous engineer abandoned the unit. I checked all the wiring connectors, replaced and cleaned the FEP, leveled the unit (Pegs were all within .1 of 10.3). The first 5 prints went off without a hitch, now the front left corner (when standing in front of the machine) Is consistently failing. Regardless of the part orientation, support settings, laser power, and speed. The unit has a heater and has been using Peopoly tough resin. Below are some images of the most recent prints, the laser power was set to 60 for this print, the resin was Peopoly Tough. On the areas that fail, there is a base layer printed but no supports or only a few supports print. This file works on other moai 200 machines with no issue.

IMG_20211208_091034 IMG_20211208_091036

I didnt mention in the first post but 7 of the 12 models on the plate printed without issues or missing supports

Sorry to hear your question, please reply by email, so that the peopoly technical team can help you in time, thank you for your support