Moai 200 Mixing Files Issue

Well after my previous issue where the moai either got stuck on layer 1 or printed the wrong file, now it happened a different weird problem. As it seemed to be an SD card problem, I got a new SD card, and as recommended in that topic, I formatted the SD card, before uploading the gcode files, and then removed it from the computer safely.

This is what I wanted to print:

However, when the printer finished, what I got was this:

For some reason the original objects all stopped at the same height, I though maybe they detached from the bed and got stuck at the VAT, however I searched for artifacts in the VAT and found nothing. But the really weird part is that in the middle of all that caos, it printed a test ring correctly, however in the wrong place and height. It seems like the printer stopped printing the gcode I wanted, and started printing the default file “200-ring-test” in the middle of the printing process. I understand this is probably an SD card issue, like my precious topic, but I just switched to a new SD card, formatted it and removed it safely as recommended, and this is still happening…

Am I supposed to only have one gcode file at a time in the SD card? Because it seems whenever I have more than one, the printer eventually confuses them for some reason… Is it related to their size? My gcode had 906MB, which is a large file but still, it should work.

OK if you use Asura, does it do the same thing? If you haven’t tried, can you use that and try again? And for the thing about the SD card, before you slice and save to the SD card, it is recommended to reformat the SD card and then slice the model to the card.

Can you please let us know about asura please.

the issue is in the firmware not the SD card, so changing to another SD card would still require re-formatting

from the picture the ring seems to be printed in the right spot, the others where failed due to bad orientation, your model need to be oriented so that it can be built up slowly, like a reverse triangle

Hey thanks for the quick replies,

  1. I haven’t used asura because it took too long to receive the registration email, and then when I finally received it, there was no place to register it anymore. Therefore I’ve been using always Cura. But I’ll try and install asura again and let you know.

  2. Since my last topic, everytime I upload something to the SD card, I always format it first. That didn’t stop these kind of errors to stop happening though, even with a different SD card.

  3. The ring is printed exactly in the right spot as it is in the “200-ring test” file. But higher, it started printing the ring right where it stopped my file.

  4. The other objects DID NOT FAIL BECAUSE OF BAD ORIENTATION, although their orientation is not the best, that’s not the reason why the print failed! The print itself didnt fail, the printer just stopped printing my gcode and switched it by the “200-ring test” default one in mid print.

  5. I haven’t been printing my parts diagonally as suggested in the manuals, because when I do, the object always ends up distorted and with errors in the dimensions. I’ve been printing mostly circular and rectangular shaped objects, and the distortions are very noticeable, for e.g. my circle ends up oval. I think the X movement is slightly shorter than Y, but when I finish the resin in the VAT I will do the galvo test again with the calibration circle. I’m not using the printer for toys and figures, I’m using it for engineering parts, and I need as much precision as possible.

  • use sd card software, qucik format FAT32
  • do a clean uninstall of Asura first before installing new version. ( make sure to delete any folders it created. ( you dont need to register for latest version )
  • if problem still occur check SD card reader is correctly installed and has proper contact.
  • you might have SD card reader issue