Moai 200 holding onto old gcode

I’ve notice that the Moai 200 appears to hold onto previous gcode files after turning the machine off after a failed print. Actually I’m thinking that the screen is displaying the wrong name and then printing a different or previous file. I don’t think the moai can save previous gcode in memory can it?

I may try a new SDcard and see how that goes and try stopping the print via the menu verses turning it off. Has anyone else experienced these types of issues?


To test whether the file on the SD card is corrupt, load the G-code file directly from the SD card in Cura. If the model is displayed correctly, the SD card is not defective. In this case, the mistake should be on the side of Moai.

Note: Cura sometimes has problems with very large G-code files. Here then possibly helps another G-Code viewer.


you need to format the SD card each print to insure no problems, use the SD card formater.

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Well, I only formatted my SD card once in the beginning, and then never again. I also have the map full of files in different directories. Previously, I only had one problem with a file that did not print correctly, but that was because I did not give the PC enough time to write and removed the card from the USB too soon. The file length also did not match.

However, I have soldered immediately after receipt of the printer all SMD solder joints on the adapter. There were some really borderline bad ones.

I think a bad connection from SD card to microcontroller causes read errors. Since the text file (g-code) is read in sequentially, a re-mount after a brief separation (loose contact) may have reset the pointer to the last data packet.

@peopoly: But only the developer can verify that, I do not know the SD card reader routines.

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