Moai 200 for sale in Seattle area

Putting my Moai 200 up for sale. Like all 200’s, this one comes with the heater module and was pre-assembled. Comes with a bit more than 500ml of grey “nex” resin as well as nearly a full liter of peopoly “tough” clear resin. Spare FEP sheets and all tools that it came with originally. In original box with factory packaging so it’s ready for transport. This has the newer style vat with the holes around the edge. Works fine, just bigger than I need. $2500, pick-up in Seattle area. PM if interested. Thanks!

This is still available.

You can tell us… Why don’t you want it? Does it just have too many issues? I’ve run into a lot with my Moai 200 and sounds like you have the same generation model.

There are some issues with the design, but it does work. I’ve got a couple of Photons now that are much easier to use and I’m okay gluing my builds together from smaller pieces when I need something big. Can fit 10 photons in the volume of the Moai 200. Literally just reclaiming some space.
Most of the issues I’ve had with it so far I think are due to overcuring at the recommended settings. Build plate adhesion is off the charts (literally have to chip away at the support base) and peel force is probably higher than it should be for that same reason. Fiddling with the settings would probably make it easier to use, but I probably won’t bother.

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See this is my first and only resin based printer so I wasn’t sure if that was the case with all SLA type printers do(having to chip the shit out of it and ruin the print or use so much damn support its ridiculous)

Does the photon go down to the same layer height as the Moai’s?

I print at 50 micron on the photon, which is already smaller than I default to on the Moai. Not sure how short it goes, but the slicer lets you enter any number you want. Haven’t experimented.

The prints coming off the photon are still a bit gummy, so they separate from the build plate super easily, then harden when you post cure (the photon’s included resin cures hard and dry to the touch without being under water too, which is nice). I think the NEX resin peopoly recommends for the Moai 200 is super brittle in the best of cases, and it overcured by the suggested settings in the spreadsheet. Turning the laser power down or speeding up the exposure might help but I’ve already got mine cleaned up in preparation for packing so I’m not likely to experiment any more unless I decide to keep it.

Sorry, meant to say the prints coming off the Moai are gummy. The photon resin cures on the surface easily.

Still available. Open to reasonable offers.