Moai 200 firmware


I finally got my Moai 200 up and running after the epic battle with Asura registration.

Now i’m wondering about the firmware. My moai is currently at V1.00, is there a new version available?

It seems there has been quite a lot of issues with the grid geometry corrections and i can clearly see with the test circle, some corrections really need to be made. I mean at the edges of the circle, where the circle touches the square the laser is spot on. But in between the laser is drawing about 2mm inwards from the printed circle. And since it’s consistent, it seems like the whole “grid” is warped as seen in the topics regarding this issue.

Anyway, does this correct with a new firmware or is it compensated in Asura?

And if (when) there’s a new firmware available for moai 200, where can i get the latest version + instructions?

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Hi Sampsa,

welcome to the Moai200 elite circle.

With the Moai 200, you have acquired a good deal of technique that can be quite challenging if you want to have big expectations.

The forum (wiki) contains the most important information that will familiarize you with the Moai 200. It will not be easy, but in the end you will either be one of those who love it or who will hate it.

Read and feel free to ask.

Under the following links you can find the answers you are looking for:

Noteworthy is also:

I wish you success!


hi @Sampsa, @ad_fontec links will provide you a lot of information about the geometry corrections, this has been discussed for a long time
currently the V1.00 is the latest version on the Moai 200, any new firmware version will be uploaded here on the wiki :[]=moai&s[]=200

for firmware installation, this is the guide from Moai 130 but the procedure is the same :

Can you tell me if the firmware for the Moai 200 has been updated yet. The link takes me to a file but I can’t tell what the version of this is.

No, the firmware “Moai” for the Moai 200 has unfortunately not been updated to date.

Thanks for letting me know. Is there a possible release date for a new firmware I do hope that there is development work happening with the Moai 200.

i hope so too. but i suspect all their focus is on the phenom now. kinda dissapointing.

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I suspect you may be right but fingers crossed we are both proven wrong