Moai 200 default settings VS calibration guide settings

Hey there. I have the moai 200, and I’m still using the settings that came with the printer. However, they don’t match with the values on the calibration guide (pages 2 and 3 of I’ve tried to search on the forum about which I should use but I can’t understand which ones to select. I always assumed that the ones that came with the printer were more updated than the ones on the guide. For example:

Came with the printer:
Smooth: 200
PM motor speed: 15
PM reset position: 60
PM initial speed: 15

On the manuals:
Smooth: 50
PM motor speed: 10
PM reset position: 80
PM initial speed: 10

Most of them are pretty close, but the smooth parameter seems quite offset from the original. I know these are adjustable according to different resins, but which should I use as a start point?

WP_20191219_14_26_11_Pro WP_20191219_14_26_17_Pro

please use the suggested settings on the manual, learn about the settings here :