Moai 200 - choice for precise prototypes (tight tolerances)?

Hello everyone,

I am pretty new to SLA printing, and I would like you to share your experience about distorsion of models during SLA print process.
I was looking for affordable SLA printer with decent build volume, to print product design prototypes.

Conclusion: reliable printer, superior print appearance and precision is my way to go. Does Moai 200 fulfil all of these three?

Thanks in advance !

In short, it…yes…ish.

lomg answer:

It is reliable. If you don’t get unlucky with some dodgy components.

It does have great print appearance. this is also after you have spent a good couple of weeks calibrating.

and it can be very precise, the detail it can produce is really good. But due to resin shrinkage and difficult calibration it might be tough to make extremely precise small models.

we are further refining the calibration for both Moai 200 and original Moai. It is much better than without calibration but it is not quite there yet. This is an area where we dedicate a lot of our resources @bosniensis it will be via Asura

the answer is currently no.

there is a distortion that skews parts the further away from the origin point. In this way you cant scale to adjust for feature of size.
This makes Peopoly printers currently unable to meet your needs.

Well Asura supposedly is supposed to handle these distortion problems. Is there a thread on this?

Current (official) status at the present time (early beta test phase):

More information can be found here: