Moai 200 advanced plate pdms issues


I’ve installed my new moai 200 advanced pdms plate and cannot print the leveling pegs. The instructions say to lower the z reset by 30, which I have done. I’ve slowly increased the z reset back to 2560 (in many Leveling Peg prints and still can’t get a leveling peg test to print, most of the pegs stick to the vat, in a mass. I installed exactly as described in the directions, glass, special pdms layer, special film (do not remove), and new fep layer. No where in the instructions did it say to use the spacer again, but without it it is much too loose, with it, it’s very tight, tighter than the normal plate and FEP layer. Am I suppose to use the spacer? What is the actual z reset height suppose to be?



yes, you need the spacer still, just dont over tighten it. you may need to replace the fep so it is not so tighten on the first set of screws.



These are the leveling peg prints I’m getting any ideas on what’s causing the shifting layers and poor poor quality?



Please make sure the glass side has film removed but not the pdms said

here is the instruction Wiki page:



No plastic on that side of the glass. Still having issues with leveling pegs. Same as pictured before