Moai 200. 4th 24 hour Print failure in a row

I’m trying to get to the bottom of the failures I keep having continuously in using the Moai 200 printer.

ppm2002 ppm2003 ppm2004 ppm2005 ppm2006

I’m using Peopoly Grey Resin included with the printer that has been thoroughly mixed to ensure it’s uniform. I’m using the peopoly heater inside of the printer which is located in an office with a stable temperature. I conducted the bed leveling and my values are as follows:

A: 10.21
B: 10.14
C: 9.51
D: Unknown ( I dropped one as I was cleaning the resin off of it)
E: 10.61
F: 9.41
G: 9.87
H: 9.86
I: 9.82

My settings are factory default and are:

X Size: 900
Y Size: 900
X deviation: 100
Y deviation: 100
Smooth: 200
Z moto speed: 2
PM moto speed: 10
Laser Power: 58
XY Speed Set: 4
Z Reset Position: 2570
PM Reset Position: 60
Z Follows: 1
CompensateX: 100
CompensateY: 195
Z Initial Speed: 2
PM Initial Speed: 10

I’m nesting my prints in Asura with supports and printing my models hollow. I’ve thoroughly cleaned the build plate between prints with IPA and cleaned all of the build plate holes out completely to ensure it wasn’t an issue with suction force peeling the prints off of the platform. The Vat screws are secured firmly to the tilt plate and so are the build platform screws. Since the printer was purchased in November, we have yet to get a fully successful print out of it. Any help with getting some direction on how to fix this would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you


Hello Mack,
do I see that correctly that the first layer sticks firmly on the building plate?
If so, could you please measure the thickness of the layer in a few places (pop up and determine the thickness with a caliper / measuring screw)?

The leveling also doesn’t seem to be good. The building plate should be parallel to the FEP as much as possible.

It’s sticking firmly in places, but peeling off in certain areas. as far as the leveling, I used the new leveling in the guide and my measurements are between 9.5 and 10.5 mm. How much deviation is allowed between measurements though?

i have a few recommendations :

  1. leveling should have a difference of 0.1 to 0.3 mm with all pillars
  2. please show your model and its orientation, support placement
  3. your supports are too dense, reduce the amount of unnecessary supports, from the looks of it that would be no difference than a 100% infill print

The print itself is hollow with a shell thickness of 3mm.


some settings i recommend you to change :
Density : 8
Base type : Circle

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with an 8 density, it would be double what my current settings are. Are you sure it should be 8? Your previous statement was that the supports were too dense at 4.

the lower the value means the denser the support cluster, so increase the value will decrease the support
cluster and increase the support density

Ah ok, I just wanted to make sure that we were on the same page. I appreciate the assistance and the rapid response. I would seek answers on the facebook group, unfortunately it’s a work printer at work and facebook is blocked here.

support to dense and make sure you have vent holes as close to the plate as possible if hollowed.
your leveling can be better.