Moai 130 prints on one side (corner) only


I have experience with MSLA (Elegoo and Anycubic) printers and recently started to use a Moai 130. The Elegoo Mars’s standard resin prints OK on Moai 130 with the original settings for the DIY-test and DIY-test2 gcodes that came with the Moai’s SD card.

I ran into problems with a customized resin using DIY-test2.gcode (4 posts on each side). The right post is OK, while the other three posts always fails and ended up with thin pieces in the vat and on the building plate. Sometimes the back side post can have part of the post on the building plate. See picture attached (need to click the picture to see the post on the right side).

I tried to 1) relevel the building plate 2) increase the laser power from 58 to 65, 3) vary z from 1816 to 1822, but none of them has worked.

Can anybody help with trouble shooting ? I use a self-leveling plate and an FEP vat.

Also how to convert the z number (for example 1816, or 1875) to the height of the vat? What does PM refer to and how to pick the right PM number? Are there detailed descriptions of all these parameters? What are the settings for DIY-test1 and DIY-test2.gcode?

Thank you!

Update: I switched back to elegoo mars standard resin. laser power 58, z=1816, thin edge of FEP vat. positioned in the inner side. It showed the same symptom. But if I turn the FEP vat around, the thin edge to the outer side (close to the door), the print improves with 4 pegs all on the plate.

Does it mean I have leveling issue, or a defective vat?