Moai 130 prints blank, not curing resin

I’ve recently acquired a peopoly moai 130.
I’m using v1.18, set my settings according to the firmwares recommend setting with the standard vat I’m using. Only using peopoly resin, tried 2 new clear and 1 new gray resin, 2 different vats one new from the box. Performed the laser calibration and Leveled both the standard build plate and resin vat according to the instructions provided by peopoly. I’m using the add on heater inside the printer to keep the resin at optimal temp but will I cannot print any of the test files, not even the 4 corner peg files from peopoly. I formatted my SD card with the format software that the forums recommend using and stored all the print files in the gcode folder. I can’t figure out why this machine will not print anything but does go through the motions that it’s printing but at the end, nothing is printed on the build plate or any signs of cured resin in the resin vat. I even filtered the resin in the vat but found no signs of cured resin. Opened up the machine and checked the galvo sysyemy but could not find anything blocking, no protective film or dirt and seems to be working. I’ve messed around with different settings suggested by other users in several forums with no change in results. This is my first venture in to 3d printing and has been frustrating so far. I hope someone here can tell me what I’m doing wrong and help me to get this printer to work.

Thanks in advance.