Moai 130 - Not used for 2 years, issue with newly sliced prints

Hey all,

So basically hadn’t used my Moai for a couple years (had a fling with a FDM - were on a break right now). Fired the baby back up, ran the last thing I was printing, turned out identical/exactly as the time I printed it 2 years ago.

Since 2 years ago i’ve updated my Cura and im supporting using lychee instead of Asura. I do not have my old cura profile.

New print design; supports added in Lychee, default Moai profile on Cura 4.7…


  1. Support base adhered to the plate, I chose a base support style that used a lip for ease of removal, that lip had been compressed and there was some splitting of the base about half way between layers - looks like that caused the lip compression.
  2. Only some of the supports printed - the shorter ones closest to the model (model was a barrel - auto orientated by lychee, wasn’t at 45deg, which I would normally manually do, was closer to 30deg with the length perpenicular to the plate).
  3. The barrel began to print and was connected to the supports, but the barrel printed flat as thin as the support base; which is most definitely due to the other supports failing I would assume.
  4. the pieces of cured support and barrel seemed more flexible, the piece had a noticably more flexible feel compared to the test print (old design).

Anyone got any advice?
My assumption is leading me towards something to do with exposure time/print speed. Which I would assume is down to me now using a default profile in cura. Im assuming this has resulted in the resin not curing fully, thus leaving it more flexible, the layer splitting then causing support issues and finally the barrel having nothing to hold it up so its now just sticking to the vat and flexing (I was also printing close to the pivot point, so chance that the barrel flexed down with the vat).

I have set another old design (so old sliced Gcode) to print, but I expect that will print perfectly.

Cura profile (default);
Initial layer speed 5mm/s
Print speed 120 mm/s
infil 70%
layer height 0.06mm
Wall count 7

Its been awhile since I used the moai, if I adjust the print speed that will increase the exposure time right? Or I could increase the power on the moai itself? although considering the old designs work I think I should leave the laser settings. Any help greatly appreciated.


Please contact by email, so that the peopoly technical team can help you in time

Thanks for the support Peo. think i’ve resolved the issue (or at least getting close).

So after re-reading through all the calibration and other guidance documents I have gotten the new design to print. Think it needs a little more tweaking to hone in, but no longer failing.

A few additional details; I am using the clear peopoly resin. Which I think compared to a coloured resin probably reduces the amount of transfer of energy from the laser, but maybe someone can correct me here if wrong.

What I did;
So I had moved the printer downstairs, which is away from my FDM machines and is a cooler room in general. I stuck in the moai heater (which I hadn’t needed until then) and that began to improve the print quality. It reduced the amount of delamination I was seeing.

I checked my settings at it seemed 2 years ago I was running the printer at power setting 57, whereas the documentation suggests 58 as a base setting. I cross checked the github cura profiles (which would now be obselete - last updated before i stopped printing), which showed a 120mm/s print speed.

So instead of adjusting print speed I increased the laser power to 58, better results, but still some delamination. Increased to 59 and got a near perfect print.

Next steps:
I am going to use the ring test file and dial in a couple more settings (I might be able to bump up print speed for example), I then also need to dial in my support settings and do the process again for some lower resolutions (as I was using some super heavy supports just to make sure it wasn’t a support issue).