Moai 130 For Sale in Southern California $399 (pick up only)

For Sale: Working Moai 130 in good condition. Includes:
Regular build platform
Easy leveling build platform
Internal heater
Standard plastic vat
FEP vat with one new liner, but the plastic tray is damaged and needs to be replaced.
UV Curing lamp & glasses
Original tools & spare screws
Original SD Card
1 Liter standard red resin
~0.75 Liter gray Nex resin
~0.25 Liter standard gray resin

Reason for selling:
I rarely use it and every time I do, I have to re-learn how to set everything up, properly support and slice the model, etc. I’d rather have the free space. It prints amazing detail and would be very useful for many applications, but it’s just going to waste sitting on my desk.

I won’t ship this. It’s about 50 lbs all together, and it would cost around $120 to ship. Plus then I’d be responsible for damage in shipping, etc.
I’m in Simi Valley (Between Los Angeles and Ventura). You can pick it up or I’ll meet you halfway if you’re not too far away.

Please don’t low-ball me. This is already a steal.

Let me know if you have questions. Thanks!

Morning jeff93063,
If you still have your Moai 130, I would like to purchase. for your asking price.
You can email me directly
I have no problem driving to you location, I live in Escondido, and I really want to get into 3D printing. I already have 2 machines, one is broke, I have been trying to resurrect , but it total dead, and the other is to cheap. not even good for small stuff.
Thank You

SOLD. I can’t seem to edit the original post but the Moai has been sold.
Thanks Dan