Moai-130 - disable peel

I’m experimenting with some custom g-code to release the print from the FEP with a straight vertical 5mm lift with no tilting of the vat. It’s kind of working - except the only way I can disable the tilt is to unplug the PM motor from the mainboard. I then set PM speed high to save time.

Basically I post process the G-code and insert an extra line to raise Z at each Z-change

G0 Z5.500000; lift z
G0 X61.448 Y61.957 Z0.5; output original g-code

2 gotchas

M91 for relative gcode doesn’t appear to be recognised so running this
G0 Z5

doesn’t raise by 5mm above the current layer - it seems to just send z to 5. I can work around that by saving the current layer height and adding 5mm when processing the g-code.

Second - the tilt motion is triggered on every z move - so I actually get 2 peels - unplugging the PM and setting PM speed high fixes this.

OK so there are 3 gotchas - the


lines reset something internally and me trying to fool it into raising Z between layers stops working after a few layers. If I remove all of the ;LAYER lines from the g-code it works exactly how I want - expect I get no indication on the LCD of what layer it’s on.

I noticed that there’s an M1004 gcode in the new firmware that’s supposed to trigger a peel motion - I’m wondering if there’s any G-code to disable peel/tilt… I tried messing the the PM reset position but the minimum value still seems to tilt.

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I think it should be possible to have Z movements without triggering the peel motion. Have a look at this post and the 9 posts following it.

Your observation with the ;LAYER:1 line is interesting, because is a comment and it should not change the way the gcode is interpreted.

M1003 looks interesting but some experimenting with

M1002 X2
M1003 X200
M1002 X2
M1003 X300
M1002 X2
M1003 X400

actually does nothing with the latest beta - hopefully the final release firmware will have everything working as documented.

But if the firmware peels on every Z it finds in the gcode - then every z motion has to be done with M1003 - which would be doable but unintuitive - I’d rather see an M code to switch off peel for the current file (and have G91 work) which means simple gcode addition at layer change
G0 Z5
would work.

anyhow - my modified G-code and pulling the wiring on the PM works - it just means I can’t run stock g-code from asura without reconnecting (and setting the PM speeds)

here’s a pic to show first test - Monocure standard black resin and a coat of epoxy primer on each.
left side is with peel and recommended FEP settings - right with no peel and just a 5mm lift between layers.

I’ll try something more complicated next


Great to see someone giving the beta firmware a try, & I have long been suspect the tilt peel causes a lot of problems with FEP. ( works great for PDMS )
Thank you for testing and confirming this.

Join the discussion on this thread regarding the ‘last’ firmware update thats going to happen shortly, Mark needs as much feedback / input as possible so we can get the moai & fep combo working as good as it can.

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here’s a vid of the z-only release in action - listen for the nice satisfying pop

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Looks good, how do you do this?
G0 Z5
did not work for me.
Wich firmware do you running?

That’s what I’ve been saying - G91 is not recognised and relative moves don’t work - which means you need to output absolute z values

here’s a snippet of g-code at a layer change at 1.2mm - note that z is lifted to 6.2 then put back to 1.2 i.e every lift is 5mm above the current layer height

G1 X70.149 Y76.594 E1888.44717
G1 X70.149 Y77.006 E1888.44832
G0 F7200 X36.113 Y44.886

G0 F7200 X10 Y10 Z6.200000; lift z
G0 X36.113 Y44.886 Z1.2; output original g-code

G1 F4200 X36.048 Y44.55 E1888.44927

because there are 2 z moves - the machine tries to peel twice - which is why I have the PM wires disconnected and the PM speed set high so it doesn’t have to wait for each peel.

This only works if all lines with
are removed - which fools the machine into thinking it’s on the first layer the whole time. If it hits a ;LAYER: line then it completely ignores the extra z lift after the second layer.

Thanks, it was the ;Layer line.
How do you modify your gcode?

thanks for testing. we are following this and want to improve the firmware.