Moai 100 excessive curing of resin

So I’ve had my moai 100 for over a year now and it was printing just fine until a few months ago where it seems to over cure around a print and create these skirts/flaps of soft resin.

I’ve checked the clear acrylic cover for anything but it seems clean. I’ve tried using a new tray & resin but it still has the same problem of over curing. The only thing I can think of is that the laser be out of focus and may need replacing after 1+year of usage, everything else seems to be working okay.

have you tried re-formating the SD card or re-flash the firmware?

this is usually not cause by the laser, you can try changing the slicer, most likely that the gcode is generated badly

I tried formatting my SD card and also re-flashing the firmware still getting the issue.

What slicer should I use I’ve been using Asura-2.25 for slicing

Sorry for the late reply,
you can use Cura, it has the Moai profiles built in since 4.0