Mixing Blu Resin with Peopoly


Using the advice from Shu Peng, I am trying to make parts using a mixture of Blu with Peopoly resins. In an email he suggested “You could also use Blu as additive to Peopoly model resin and nex resin. A mix of 20% of blu with other will significantly reduce brittle without making it hard to print.” I have printed several things with that mixture with the FEP vat successfully. I wonder if anyone else has done this with the goal of making strong parts? And if you have pushed the ratio to more than 20%? I am asking for two reasons. One is to reduce the cost of the parts (Blu is much less expensive) and to produce strong parts. Thank you.

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I have had decent results with Blu mixed with NEX Clear (roughly 40/60 mix). It comes out more brittle than Blu alone, but has higher definition in the final print as well. Downside is it’s also harder to clean the pock marks left by supports though.




Thanks for the reply. Mind if I ask what settings you are using and I assume you are using the FEP vat? I have had success printing 100% Blu with very small items but the bigger stuff has not worked for me yet. I have had some success with 20% Blu. I am hoping to get a little more Blu into the mix. Thansk again.



Actually, I stopped using the FEP vat because I couldn’t get a good print off it regardless of my settings. I spent this week doing hard core troubleshooting and tuning on my printer, and created a guide today with how I FINALLY started getting consistently good prints.

It’s been a couple weeks since I used the resin mix, but I set the laser power closer to the NEX setting rather than the Blu setting to get the best results. Since re-tuning the printer using my new method though, I’ve gone to 100% Blu and I’m getting great results on all sizes of print.