Menu Button Not Working

Hi Peopoly Forum Members,

My printer (MOAI 130) has recently run into a problem where we are able to toggle between the options displayed on the screen using the button-scroll provided on the printer. But while pressing/selecting an option, it doesn’t select. Please check the attached video for reference.

We have formatted multiple firmwares, as well as even reassembled the whole Peopoly Moai 130 but nothing is working in our favor.

Has anyone faced similar problems lately or anyone who can help us would be highly appreciated?

Ashutosh Gupta

Hi! Try to double click faster.

Try to take off the plastic cover and try to press the knob to see if it works. If not,your control knob circuit might become defective , try to reach out to your reseller or contact with the video and explanation attached

I had a similar problem. The turn part of knob seemed to work but the press knob did not. For me the problem turned out to be the back of the knob was hitting the front of the case before the button worked. My simple solution was to put a couple folds (4 layers) of normal printer paper inside the knob hole that the shaft will go into. Now the back of the knob is farther away from the front of the cabinet, giving you more distance in push direction to activate switch. Try it, it might help. If not you waisted a piece of paper…ha.

Already emailed your team and have been waiting for last 4 days now.
Order: PP3647

Hello @gupta7ashutosh I contacted support, they said they replied to your email. Look to see if it is in your spam folder.