Memory card not seen

With the provided SD card, I’ve been moving my files from my PC to the Moai without issue. However, just now, I can’t seem to get the Moai to recognize the SD card. It just says “No SD”.

So I remove it and reinsert the card in my PC and sure enough the files are still there. Reinsert the card in the Moai and still nothing.

So I restart the Moai and try everything again. Nothing. I try rebooting with the card in, and with the card out. I make sure the card isn’t locked and I’m super sure this isn’t a static (ESD) thing.

Has anyone see this behaviour?

Now I reinsert again, then wiggle it (seriously) and the folders show up. This is a bit disconcerting.

The other night a big print job failed, not because of something mechanical, but it stopped half way through a job and started printing another job. So in the morning I had part of one and part of another.

Sounds like bad connection(s) on the card reader board. I suggest you take a closer look at the pins on the board. Resolder if necessary.

Sounds like bad connection(s) on the card reader board. I suggest you take a closer look at the pins on the board. Resolder if necessary.

I second that!

unfortunately it’s a rather common issue, it’s basically a problem with some SD card readers (pins need to be re-soldered). search the forum it is easily fixable but if you are not comfortable doing it yourself contact peopoly support.

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let us know if you still have that problem. We are looking into changing the reader completely later the summer.

Might I recommend a USB port instead?

It just did it again. Only, I didn’t remove the card. First it said no card, then it said no folder. Wiggle and wiggle I continued and eventually it appeared again.

Did you check the solder connections?

+1 on the solder connections. I’m pretty sure this has been covered but…

I purchased 2 new Kingston cards and formatted them with the SD format software utility. After a week or so of no issues and out of nowhere, as I’m starting a print the build plate dropped down into the vat and the machine proceeded to cycle on what appeared to be the same layer. The laser flashed, it peeled, then the laser flashed again, etc. I also noticed the layer counter was not correct.

I removed my card reader and the entire inner row of pins along with one of the end pins on the outer row were resting loosely on their pads. After de-soldering and removing the outer pins and re-soldering the inner row then the outer, everything is working very well. I think what’s happening in some cases is there’s enough of an electrical connection being made to let the card reader communicate. After enough time and temperature changes the loosely connected pins are losing contact making the machine behave erratically. If you’re comfortable with a soldering iron and de-soldering wick it isn’t too difficult. Just be careful not to over stress the pads on the circuit board.

I’ve had my printer for 9 months and wish I had checked the pins sooner. It’s worth a look if you start to experience problems.

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It’s the pins on the usb reader. The usb reader is pretty crappy. I had an entire row of pins not soldered at all, and the ones that are soldered are known to break. Highly recommend using some no clean flux and reflowing all the solder joints.

Part of the problem (on my machine) is/was that the mounting standoffs for the card reader are too short. During the build, I shimmed the card about 2mm in order to relieve the strain on the pins. I recommend using thin, non-conductive washers to shim the SD card reader until it is level with controller board (or at least there is no visible angle (bend) between the connector and pins).


do you have a pic of it @Paradoxical_Cat

We are looking to change to cable connection instead of pins.

@peopoly Unfortunately, I do not. I would have to disassemble the machine to get to the parts. If I remember, I will do it when I do my next vat change. As I recall, the stand-offs were about 1.5-2mm too short, either due to extra thickness from the connectors or the controller board. The SD card reader flexed visibly when properly screwed down, which clued me in to the possibility of a weakness.

I look forward to the controller/ I/O upgrades. If I may please put a vote in against ribbon connectors, they are probably suited for the job, but I find the locking mechanism too fiddly.

Update: I have a few notes to share before I went missing from the forums. Once the card reader started to fail, it started to fail more and more. Just when things were getting really troublesome, a new card reader magically showed up in the mail. Wow!

With the new card reader installed, the errors and issues disappeared. Very impressive support is all I have to say.

Thank you @peopoly !

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@peopoly You would not believe this but I have the very same problem!!! Aaargh.

Started being silly last week so I reformatted the Kingston card and the Moai was good as gold.

Now it’s happened again…

Tried reformatting the Kingston card as well some others and I get a No Folder error.

I have an urgent deadline for a prototype I’m making… I’m screwed.

Not confident on soldering pins but I may have no choice… Issues I don’t need right now!

go your email and will take care of it

I also had the same problem, “No SD” card. I have the recent SD card unit with the ribbon cable on it. Worked for a couple days and then NO SD kept coming up. I found it was the double row pins that are plugged in the cable, on the end of the cable that goes into motherboard, that were the problem. The first side of the pins are 3.8mm long, but side two is only 2.6mm long. The 2.6mm pins are too short for reliable connection. These short pins are for soldering on circuit boards not for plugging into ribbon cable connector. Simple temporary solution, simply pushed the pins through their holder so both are 3.2mm long. That worked. I am now trying to track down the pin unit with both sides being 3.8mm or ribbon cable with Male and Female ends. If anyone finds either of them first, please let me know.

instead of tinkering it out, you can email us about this and we can send you a new cable