Matterhackers Fail! - Hear me Rant

I have a Moai 200 with a failed motherboard.

Matterhacker sent me a new motherboard, power supply and updated card reader. First, I had to send the dead motherboard back to them.

Instead of sending me the correct Moai 200 motherboard with the correct firmware, I was sent a Moai 130 motherboard with version 1.18 firmware. I called, I complained and was instructed to by their success team to flash the firmware to the SLA-200 firmware… and it will not flash.

10 different brands, sizes from 1 gb to 64 gb, cheap to expensive SD cards, nothing works.

Matterhackers told me two days ago that a new board would be shipped from China to me and it will take 1 1/2 weeks to arrive… during the Christmas holiday, yeah right.

I have told them to send me the correct board out of a Moai 200 in their inventory but instead I have gotten a reply back:

I have confirmed with our inventory manager that we have initiated communications with Peopoly to send you a new mainboard. However, if we do not get a response by Monday, we are going to send you a refurbished printer mainboard. We will update you as soon as we have an update. I apologize again for any inconvenience, and I assure you that we are working to get all the necessary parts for your printer as quickly as we can.

So, does anyone have an email address for Matterhackers leadership? I have just acquired this printer and now I cannot even use it and I am on a deadline to produce prototypes by the end of the month.

Sincerely Screwed,

Tom Olson

could you reply to mh support and cc our so we can pick it up to make sure we have it cover?

Thank you, Peopoly. I will send you my last email to MatterHackers.

Within the thread of the email, you will see where they could not confirm they have reached you or made it seem like your team is not being responsive. I have to purchase two more printers in the next fiscal year and depending on this turns out, they will be Phenoms, but I may try to acquire them from another vendor because of this experience.

Tom Olson