Material Properties


Does anyone have more detailed material properties for any of the Peopoly resins? They have published very little information, albeit good information. I would still like to see a lot more though.

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The MSDS has some useful information

Urethane Acrylate 30%-50%
Acrylic Monomer 30%-50%
Photoinitiator 0%-5%

and from the resin wiki page:

  • Hardness (Shore D): ASTM D2240 82
  • Tensile strength at break (Mpa): ASTM D638M 60
  • Elongation at break(%): ASTM D638M 8%
  • Young’s modulus (MPa): ASTM D638M 830
  • At 25C degrees, the viscosity is 600cps. Density is 1.13
  • Shrinkage post cure is 6.5% and is consistent for acrylate-based resin

I’m guessing that you already found those and wanted more info. If not, then that’s all the details I’ve found. I believe that data is for the regular Peopoly grey resin based on other details. I haven’t found data for each specific resin that Peopoly manufactures.

Here’s a useful scholarly article that was published about a somewhat similar material. Clearly the target application is completely different. I think many of the details here carry over to Peopoly resin: Hopefully I’m not wrong.

I was thinking of maybe going with photocentric resins in the future because I’ll know exactly what I’m getting with each one. Personally, my main concern is how safe they are to use after curing (i.e. is it safe to make something that comes into contact with food? How well can I expect it to stand up to wear? what solvents are safe to use? What glues work best? etc). Other resin manufacturers seem to publish more details in this regard and Peopoly does seem to support the use of third party resins in the moai.




Thanks for the response! This information is what I have found. I’ll give the article a read when I have a chance!

I’ve heard that Photocentric doesn’t do well with the Moai, I’m hoping I’m wrong as they look promising!