Manuals, default settings, FAQ on a wiki?


DokuWiki seems to be easier to work with, and we have started building it. It is in very early stage, but we do try to work on parts that need more help. It will be updated very frequently and input is welcomed.


beware, the wiki is open for everyone to edit. During install you should select "Public Wiki (read for everyone, write and upload for registered users). If you want it to be open to only few users you should also uncheck “allow users to register”

Also you may want to download captcha plugin, upgrade plugin, wrap plugin, video share plugin and gallery plugin. You can select them directly from the download page:


very quick mock-up, this is what I was thinking. Content should be hosted on the wiki itself not linked externally (that’s the whole point, otherwise you could just create a blog post or a webpage with a link to everything).


I think this is great. I think the “get started here” should be called out more. I used the “Day 1 with your Moai”, but something along those lines.

There should also be a very clear indication between official documentation and user submitted content. I personally would put them in a different section so you don’t have to label each entry, but you could set up an insert, like on wikipedia about the “help this subject”.

The main difference between this wiki, and any other wiki is that this is based around a product that people have paid a great deal for. There are certain expectations around usability, legibility, liability, and customer satisfaction that need to be taken into account. The only way I’ve seen for crowd sourcing product support is to either A. use a forum B. use the partitioned documentation.

Checking Form Labs, , they are using the Forum Documentation method. So, by stating “Community Forums” … they are setting expectations that those are not official responses. I like the FormLabs layout, but I would change the bottom to be Community documentation. I think that would highlight the community aspect of the first affordable SLA printer. It would also empower people to post more often about personal experiences.


Thanks for your feedback. We will continue to update the While Dokuwiki is minimal looking, we feel it is something we can work with and bring all relevant information together.


DokuWiki needs to be kept up to date like any other software to negate threats , but has a user structure where you can manage editorial access to pages pretty finely. I definitely think it is a nice system for content. However considered gitbook? This is a git like approach to cowriting books that allows you to keep track of changes etc. I suspect it might be even better for user manual collaboration. But if wiki is the way then definitely go for DokuWiki


good idea, thanks a lot. We like to focus on wiki ATM because the existing structure is already built with many handy documents. We will look at gitbook as it looks very polished