Manual de montagem


Good afternoon, call me Wellington and I bought a moail and there is no installation manual. Can someone help me ? she came all disassembled



Start here



Welcome! I just bought and assembled my MOAI last month. That manual is pretty good. There were only a couple places I was left scratching my head but I figured it out. You’ll find the youtubes video that’s linked in the guide is pretty good. There’s a few places where the video leaves a little to be desired.

I didn’t really have any problems during my build until it got time to level. If you got the 130 kit that includes the FEP vat and easy level build plate you may have a much nicer experience than I did with regards to leveling.

I got that kit, but the vat and plate were out of stock so they temporarily gave me the old parts.



acabei de montar agora e nivelar ela…



alguem pode me explicar como mecher no menu da maquina ?



gire o botão para alterar o valor ou alterar o item e pressione o botão para aceitar um valor ou alterar um valor

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