Makerjuice waxcast not sticking to buildplate


Hey guys! Been reading the forums alot, and had a good run with Peopoly blue, it’s printing well!
Using FEP vat with the easy-level buildplate.
The problem is that i cant get makerjuice waxcast (i have to mention that this bottle of waxcast i have is pretty old, around 9 months old, but it still solidifies, but doesnt stick to plate) to stick to the buildplate, i releveled the buildplate 2 times already, and had some of the pieces stick but never all of them. The file im trying to print is 5 squares, 1 in the center and 4 on the edges, looks like this:

So after the last releveling i have C D and B sticking, and it was real easy to take em off the plate (compared to blue resin which took a lot of effort to get off the plate :D)
I read about the 80 grit sandpaper around the forum somewhere but still haven’t done it, wouldnt want to damage the buildplate unless it’s absolutely needed.

Any suggestions?



does the pieces that doesn’t stick consistent? it’s always A or B,…? or it’s just random?



It’s more or less random. So i went to the shop and got myself sandpaper 100 grit, tried it on the easy level plate and i gotta tell you its somewhat uneven. If you draw a grid with a pencil on it and scrub the plate against a flat surface with sandpaper on it, the pencil grid in the center stays longer than the one on edges. So i’ve rubbed it quite extensively and now 4 pieces stick to the plate ( i still didnt reach the center). Will continue tomorrow to see if i can make it totally flat all around



Have an update! So i ordered a new Funtodo castable resin and it sticks to the plate absolutely fine and everything seems to be in perfect order. I hope it casts well, or at least better than waxcast cos what i have been able to grow from waxcast casted like crap. Maybe waxcast is just old, even though why would it go bad over 9-10 months being in a black closed bottle that it came in? OH well

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