Maker Juice - WaxCast


Any experience with MakerJuice WaxCast?

Compatible with a Form2 and many others according to MJ.


Yes I’ve been using it with slandered settings but with laser power 57-59
Wax Cast reacts heavily during burnout which results in more time to finish object, filing and buffing and a higher rate of loss to gram weight. Expect a 20% lost in gold weight do to clean up.


Hmm. Interesting. Any other castable that you have used that you would prefer over the MJ WaxCast? I would really not like to spend $300 USD on a liter like the FormLabs stuff.


I’ve done a little experimenting with FTD but it was a little old, so I’m waiting for a new bottle to continue my experimenting.

The last batch of rings I did with Waxcast turned out a little better but I let them cure under UV light and water overnight castings were a little smoother! I’m going to try it again tomorrow after they cure for twelve plus hours in water under UV light and a 10 plus hour burnout.

Curing and burnout all the two most crucial aspects to get a good cast with little waste.

Look under category bits and you will see some of my waxes and finished rings.


Thanks for the info. Keep me posted on the FTD stuff. The WaxCast items looked decent.


The prints come out great, but the gold castings have a lot to be desire.


And that is because of the clean up work that is needed. But all said and done I’ve made many rings with it and most of them have turned out very well after all of the finishing that was required.


Bobby_Allen any updates on waxcast? tweaks? best new settings? just asking. just picked up a liter. would rather use waxcast for one offs then make a mold.