Mac support for Asura still coming in January?


In another thread it was said that the Mac version of Asura will be released in January - the month only has a few more hours in it so I’m guessing it’s not going to happen.

Any update on the release date?

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OSX support is supposed to be in the next released version. :slight_smile:

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Funnily enough that email dropped into my inbox about 15 minutes after I posted this so I read that too, which is very exciting.

No word on when that release will land though.



we released 2.2.1 to fix some bugs and now we are focusing on getting OSX version out. We are aiming for this month.

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Can we download the mac version yet?



@NovaProps The Mac OSX version is still in beta. You can download the beta version and provide feedback here Asura OSX Beta - tests, bug reports, feedback

If you decide to test the beta, please bookmark the page so you can stay up to date on updates from @peopoly and other users.



Oh nice! Downloading the beta right now!