M200 3 or 4 months old firmware 1.0

I bought the machine a few months ago and can’t get it to load firmware, have we figured out a way or card to get these problem machines to load firmware?

I think where I was messing up was the that I was trying to load standard moai firmware.

M200 firmware is linked at the bottom of this page

I will say that my sd card board connector had cold soldered pins as well.

I am going to assume that the Moai 200’s firmware is 1.0

the firmware for Moai 200 is still 1.0

can you explain further on that?
do you follow the firmware update guide?
this is for moai 130, but the procedure is the same on moai 200:https://peopoly.dozuki.com/Guide/Moai+-+Firmware+Upgrade/3

The 200 will not take a 130 firmware :blush:

Yes, we know that. We are saying that the Procedure to put the firmware on the machine is the same as doing it on the Moai 130. So if you follow that guide you will be all set.

Here is the Moai 200 firmware:


Even if we update the firmware to the latest it shows v1.00 on the screen. This is normal? (MOAI 200)

yes, there’s no older version yet for Moai 200

WAIT A Minute…

This says the Moai 200 Firmware all over this page to version 1.18.


You are say “yes, there’s no older version yet for Moai 200”

Which is right?

hey, that page is talking about moai 130, not moai 200.

as far as I know no firmware update has been released for the moai 200

as @johnchen said above, that is Moai 130 firmware, not Moai 200