Lots of fails with moai 130

Hey guys I need your help.

Since 1-2months my moai 130 isn’t printing correctly.
I tried several different things and have no more ideas where the problem could be.
Sometimes it’s only printing have of the object sometimes there are missing parts in the middle like in the picture.

I’m printing with gray model resin from peopoly and using asura for slicing.
I started to think it could be the s card reader


the photo of the failed print does not give us any clues, do you have better ones showing the fail?
looks like you just ran out of resin.

for what its worth just remember

- format the SD Card before EACH and EVERY print , this will rule out any potential firmware issues with card reader. yes, its annoying, but its less annoying then cleaning up failed prints.

Zfollows - should be set to 2, not 10.

I format the sd card everytime

In the pictures you can see the model and the others are from the two last times I tried to print it.

If I remember correctly the mistakes are always on the same side.

too much peel force, you need to hollow it and make it print straight up or slightly on angle.

@Darklucci What John mentioned is correct… Resin printing is a bit different where you want ot reduce the amount of force the cured resin seperates from the vat (peal force). So hollowing out the model and adding drain holes can help reduce that.

If you can reslice the model in a different orientation and hollow it out and update us on the progress please.

Hey guys I’m back

It didn’t work out for me

And it was again on the same site of the printer.
As you told me
I put z follow from 10 to 2
Tock a different orientation and hollowed it out

my man, you didnt do as we suggested,

the orientation is bad,
the support is bad

please just follow the image here .

New update new fail

did you add a vent hole on the bottom closest to the plate. air needs to escape , you cant have a completely closed hollow.

or you can do like mine where you boolean subtract the inner part by extending it outside the volume, so it is like a dish with simply thickness to the wall.

Wall thickness should be 1.8mm

check out this video, you can see he extends the bottom to cut the bottom wall.

Almost worked
Like you suggested I have put a hole near the bottom but it didn’t worked and I also saw that the print looks a little bit blurred.

ok, but how many holes and what size? the drainage holes also relieves the suction force when the print is being raised and lowered into the resin… like ventilation holes…

Hey guys I’m back

And lots of prints later I can say this it failed 2 more times after that I changed the fep film and it a few test prints they worked fine than I tried the big plate again it was a success but since then I’ve got nearly the same problem again so how often do I need to change the film?

A couple of the photos you posted looked very similar to failures I was having. And I had the same issue where I’d have good prints after changing the FEP film, and then I’d start having failures. Always closest to the hinge of the vat.

The symptoms were consistent with the FEP not always separating from the print. I ended up increasing PM reset position to 68 and that solved the problem for me. (I’m using the easy level build plate and the advanced acrylic vat plate). It may be overkill, but it worked. Even the fact that I had a few good prints after replacing the FEP is consistent, assuming the FEP stretches or loosens slightly with use.

You may have other issues at work, but give that a shot. I’d try 65 first, before going higher. I don’t know what the mechanical limit is to how far you can tilt the vat. Or try keeping PM reset the same and moving the model away from the hinge if you have room for it and have supports to adequately counter the increased peel force.

for replacing the FEP, there is a guide located here