Looking for clarification on wire routing


I’m in the processing of assembling a Moai 130 kit and I’ve just hit the stage of wiring and found the instructions and video guide, well, really unsatisfactory; essentially ‘draw the rest of the owl’. The newer diagram is nice and clear for what should plug where, but routing cables solidly out of the way of the laser seems like it would be really important; I’m mainly talking about the ‘upper’ cables here: the PM motor, the Z axis motor, and the endstop.

The video guide literally fast-forwards through this step and at camera view that’s I did not find that helpful (though I recognize the difficulty in shooting this).

One of the few steps earlier in the build instructions concerning cabling/wires says to route the PM Motor cable through the larger hole in the front-right corner of the plate its mounted to. The cable on my motor cannot physically reach its destination routed through that hole, leaving me further confused.

Can anyone offer some help here? should I be trying to route cables up by the PM motor (in those additional hole that seem unused)? Should my PM motor cable reach when routed as instructed by the guide?

For reference I’ve been following the V2 install guide here (along with linked content):


The guide is done using the holes we did on the frame, generally this is the best way to make sure the wire can’t interfere with the printing process.
However you can route the wire in any way you feel it work best, as long as it doesn’t go into your print area


Sorry had to drop the assembly project for a bit; Thanks for the response… just kind of worked with what I had. I do want to re-iterate though that the PM motor cable, which has explicit instructions to route through a particular hole, is not possible to route that way with my kit, it can’t reach (it may be force-able, but obviously having a bunch of tension pulling one side on the connector would be bad).