Looking for a writer or two to fill out some pages of the Wiki


The new wiki is upon us! There are so many pages I want to add, and I’m sure that there are pages that some of you want to add as well. This weekend I will be rewriting the hardware installation guide and I really want to start to fill in the other pages as well. That leaves me to look for a couple of volunteers.


If you look at the red links, those are pages that we need filled out. I would like to get a few writers to write some specific pages on the wiki. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you are an expert in that particular area, but you can hunt the forums and create some screenshots if you need be.

I’ve worked with and around online volunteer communities since the late 90’s and there are a few things that I have learned that will help it go smoothly.

  1. Limited expectations. Everyone has a life and life also changes. It’s no big deal. If you volunteer, you will have one or two pages that you choose to do and that’s it. You will also only have access to those particular pages, so no one can come and ask you to do more. This is purely volunteer and an unpaid position, so only put in effort when you get the chance. Don’t stress and don’t think you will get a drop of hassle for not being able to get it done.
  2. Easy in, Easy out. You want to help? cool. Which pages? cool. You don’t have time anymore? cool. Your time situation changes and you can’t help anymore. It’s all good in the hood. No worries.

Quick Guidelines

The most important thing is the information. We want to keep as much information off of the screenshots and in the text as possible. If you do a diagram, do it as best as you can, but don’t worry if its not perfect. Just get the information across.

Second most important thing is the information architecture. How the ideas are laid out and in what fashion. Do you think a particular area should be a separate page? Cool, let’s talk about it because it probably should. We just need to figure out where to link it, etc.

Third most important thing is the layout. We want it very simple and in lots of lists that people can follow along. The rest of the wiki is written like that for the most part, so let’s try to maintain that.

How do you apply?

Send me an email (ron@rongeorge.com) with your forum username and the pages you want to write. That’s it.

PS: We will be looking for translators in about a month when the subjects are written better and we get more feedback from you all. Once they are in a good place and no rewrites in the future, we will be looking for people to translate the text into your languages.


I’m not sure I can work on new content right now, but I often find pages that would need update or corrections. I’d be glad to help on that in the short term and add more content in the future.

Also I feel like the current dokuwiki installation lacks some base and very important plugins (not to mention smart-urls). I can help with the admin side of the wiki as I know the platform pretty well if @peopoly needs/wants/cares :slight_smile:


thanks @matt3o would love to have you help out. We were not able to figure out how to change logo until Ron helped us out. :stuck_out_tongue:


@matt3o I’m so glad you can help out. Yeah, it’s all good about whatever time you get.

Can you email me at ron@rongeorge.com so we have a way to contact each other outside of the forums? Then I’ll set you up.


I am pretty good with S3d. I am not sure how that relates to the users here though. Can you even use it for SLA printing?


not for Moai at the moment but a few users are testing it. There are quite a few inherent limitation for s3d to adjust before it can be used for Moai


I am interested in helping with the calibration guide. I have attached the start of a draft (far from complete) for feedback. If it looks like it is in the right direction I can continue.

I made some statements about how the internals of the Moai are implemented based on supposition. It would be helpful if @peopoly would contribute there. There is no intention to compromise proprietary information. The topics covered are of interest to many users and are well understood design choices not innovations.

Advance Calibration, some doubts

thanks, I am reaching out over PM