Looking for a resin that is somewhat flexible?

switching to the FEP vat on my MOAI and seeing if there are any resins that are not as brittle as the peopoly stuff
after having dropped some minis and parts breaking, figured id check while im re-calibrate everything (have moved it twice and just want to check everything)

Most UV resins happen to be brittle which is a bit of a shame. There are a few options that exist:

A) tough resins: peopoly is out of stock atm but there should be a few sla tough resins around, and maybe peopoly will restock theirs soon. These are less brittle, bit more resistant to flex, dropping, etc.

B) Flexible resins: I’d say monocure was a good bet but it looks like they’ve stopped selling SLA resins. They had a flexible resin which would have been good for mixing like 25:75 flexible:normal which would give it some better properties as far as flex and not being brittle.

I’d suggest looking around for a resin that might fulfill one of these options or seeing when/if peopoly will re-supply tough.

Also, for FEP, check out the recent updates, might be some useful settings that I’ve unfortunately not been able to test myself yet.

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Siraya resin is a good choice

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even thou the Blu is for LCD/DLP printers?

It is used in LCD/DLP equipment

Im wanting to confirm you are saying this is ok to use in my MOAI?

yes, LCD/DLP resin can still be printed on Moai with FEP vat and the right laser power settings
for siraya it would be around 51-53

ok, thank you very much