Leveling with EZ-Level Build Plate and FEP vat



Although I ordered the moai 130 kit, not everything was in stock with matterhackers so I got started with the original PDMS vat and hard to level build plate. It took me a few attempts (9), but eventually I got that setup within tolerance.

All the remaining parts finally came in, so I installed the Easy to Level build plate and the FEP vat. The vat came pre-assembled with film so I guess I don’t have to worry about making a mistake there!

I followed the rather simple leveling procedure, but my levels aren’t within the acceptable range.

I get: A: 10.92 B: 10.8 C: 11.09 D: 10.97

I’m following the FEP/EZ Level instructions here: https://wiki.peopoly.net/doku.php?id=moai:levelingnewplate

There’s no adjustment instructions that I can find. Do I just keep repeating the same procedure until it comes out (hopefully) right?



I would lower the plate 1-2 points. Where 1 point is .1mm so its within the middle range and no so much the highest range in my opinion. so 2 points would get you in the 10.7 10.6 10.8 and 10.7
For example 1816 is where you are at going down .2mm points leaves it at 1814.



Thanks for confirming that. I guess you’re the Kage for a reason. I don’t see any other way to adjust height. It does seem that the easy level build plate is consistently fairly level, but it’s not the right height. Perhaps the wiki page needs an update.

I guess I’ll get to use @Lyndondr’s Moai thumb knob one last time! :smile:

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I think you misunderstood Kage Kitsune’s advice. There is no need to adjust the nuts under the platform. Z-height adjustments are made in the firmware using the Z-RESET setting. Just adjust to 2 “units” below your current setting to lower the build plate starting position closer to the vat bottom.



↑ what he said is what i meant



Thanks for the clarification! Fortunately for me, I was lazy and didn’t do anything with the adjustments until I saw the followup messages here.

Edit: I ended up trying that without much success. I decided I must have screwed something simple up and started over, cleaning out everything very good.

I leveled the old build plate, then reinstalled the easy level and leveled it. In the end, all four pieces came out at exactly 10.38mm! I was never able to get all four exactly the same with the old plate and PDMS vat.

The guide says anything between 10.0 and 10.9mm is good with FEP. With PDMS I was trying my best to target 10.7. Is there any value at all in working towards 10.7mm test prints with the FEP vat?



fep is more forgiving then PDMS so 10.38 is perfect. you should be good to go now. just remember on FEP your build area is smaller but not by much.



What are the dimensions? Wiki shows 900x900 which is what I had for PDMS as well.



Print area is 128 x 128 mm



I would decrease your Z value by 4. so if it is currently 1817 then put it to 1813, this should get it closer to 10.7.

Then measure them again.