Leveling Problem? With Phenom L


First print on my Phenom L and everything worked except for the row of cubes in the back of the printer.

I re-leveled the bed and am assuming that I didn’t achieve a perfect level.

I will re-level the bed and try again, but wanted to check to make sure this was the right conclusion.

sorry about the late reply. leveling is fine here. you may want to increase exposure by 1s. the back side of the plate sometimes has slightly less light. the cube test is a torture test for large printers and the connecting spot may broke on those 2/3 ones


I solved this problem! I’m not sure exactly how, because I did several things:

Moved the printer to a heated room (75F)
Leveled the printer on a sturdy table more exactly
Re-leveled the build plate against the LCD, apply gentle pressure to the edge of the plate as I tightened the corresponding bolt

I didn’t change anything about the print – used the same test print that came with the printer.

The printing temperature is also very important. The higher the temperature, the lower the resin viscosity, the corresponding drawing force will be reduced, which can improve the printing success rate.