Leveling Issue Missing Pillars

I am at a loss here. I have been reading and trying to figure this out all day. I have been printed the leveling test print now six times.

Fist print got two of the pillars didn’t save so I forget which ones. Measured at roughly 10.6mm
Change Nothing
Second time got A and B @A 10.66mm B 10.69mm
Change Nothing
Third Print only B @ 10.68mm
Change laser power 58 to 59
Fourth print A,B,C And D @ A 10.66mm B10.69mm C 10.66mm D10.61mm
Made slight adjustment
Fifth Print only C @ 10.76mm
Change Nothing
Sixth Print A B and C. Frustration I haven’t measured yet.

What could possibly be going wrong with this printer.

Room temperature 26.5 C
Firmware V1.18
X size 900
y size 900
x deviation 100
y deviation 100
smooth 50
Z motor speed 2
pm motor speed 15

laser power 59
xy speed set 4
z reset position 1877
pm reset position 40
z follows 10
compensate x 100
compensate y 195
z initial speed 2
pm initial speed 15

I started down this road after two failed prints. I picked up this machine used. The first time I level it went fine. The first two part prints went great. The next print failed twice and now will hardly finish the leveling print.

Please help!

Hi @Lucky,
First, please change these settings:
Laser power 58 (i am assuming you are using standard peopoly resin)
z follows 2
PM initial speed 10

what exactly did you adjust? If you adjusted the nuts under the vat, note that each nut affects the whole vat.

The settings above should get your printer leveled. If not, try to increase the z reset position to 1878-1879

I am in fact using Peopoly Black resin. I had read another post on the forum that recommend that black and grey may need to be raised the laser to 59 while clean and green may need to run at 57. That was the reason I decided to try 59

The slight adjustment was made to leveling screws trying to get closer to 10.7mm. By “slight” I mean maybe less then an 1/8 of a turn. I have been a machinist for over 20 years and understand threads and mechanical adjustments quite well. This brings up another point as to why are there four adjustment screw. Only three of them should make contact at any given time. If anything this adding the fourth with the spring on top of them is only adding the ability of tweaking the bed to make the fourth one contact. Just a side note.

I have made the settings adjustments and will try another print here shortly.

Another print of pillars just finished and B and C are there A and D are missing.

Opposite corners tells me it should not be a level issue.

This has to be something else Resin life? PDMS layer is junk not sure.

Suggestions are welcome.

Hi @Lucky,
it does not seem to have any problem with your resin or the vat.
You are just having some trouble with getting the vat leveled, this happens to many users, and ironically, most users who had this issue are engineers.
The work now is to try with different Z reset positions or some adjustment to the screws under the vat, make sure to do them one at a time.
And please take some pictures as you finishes each print so we can have a better visual on the problem.

Good Morning @peopolysupport,
I have attached photos that you requested.

I will look at the Wiki to figure out what Z rest position is.
Edit: On the resting position do you recommend that I go up or down?

What screw would you recommend that I adjust. It seems that when I measure the pillars they are with in tolerance?

Sorry to possibly be obvious here, but I didn’t see you mention it in your steps: did you check the resin for any junk from the failed prints? If there is any junk floating around in there, it could be interfering with the leveling, or if you have junk stuck to the vat, it could just be blocking the laser where the A and D pillars are supposed to be.


I have cleaned out the vat every time. That is what made me start the post. I am getting really tired of cleaning parts out of the vat and potentially wrecking the pdms layer.

Thank you for mentioning something that I had not mentioned. It is import that we cover all the possibilities.

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The z reset position is the position of the build plate, the higher the number, the lower it goes.

Since your pillars printed at a pretty good height, so it’s best to leave the screws there and work with the z reset position.
I recommend first to increase the z reset, if you are having blobs of resin stuck on the vat where the pillars should be, most likely you are not having enough pressure