LED Lights in the build chamber?

Does anyone know if there would be any resin degradation if white led strip lights were used in the build chamber?

Likely, yes. Most white LEDs are violet or blue LEDs with a yellow phosphor added. They put out quite a bit of blue or violet light, which can expose (harden) the resin.

are you looking to examine how the layers are cured? @Lyndondr

or modding it like a PC gaming rig :sunglasses:

I was just contemplating adding lights to see better.

I was going to install red leds

with the frame file, you can mod it to your liking:


I didn’t have any idea that red light have this effect.
Thanks for sharing!

Alexandra from NDR Electric

I have the Phenom L and wanted to also see better inside the machine, so I purchased one of these magnetic, motion sensor LED light bars (like this: https://www.sunsky-online.com/view/945137/Magnet%20LED%20Human%20Motion%20Sensor%20Light%20Lamp.htm) and set it up just behind the door.

The window on the door makes any movement outside the machine invisible to the light, so it only lights up when I actually open the machine.
This has made the general operation of the printer much more pleasant and also if the room is dim, I can see what I need to see.

The light is on only about 30 seconds and turns off if no movement is detected, so it will not have time for any effect on the print material. The light has its own battery, so no installation work is needed and after using the machine with the light for months, I only needed to charge the light only one time so far.

Sometimes when the build plate is still pretty low, it is nice to be able to detach the light and illuminate it by hand so that I can see that all is going well, and then attach it back on the ceiling.