Leaking VAT all the time


I have had many leaks on my vat, no holes, leaks are from around the screws. I have added liquid gasket but it still leaks whatever I do.

Those leaks have let resin out which has stuck so badly on my LCD screen that I have holes starting in it where I’ve tried to gently remove the stuck resin for the second or third time.

Three questions: one, can you get spare silicon seals as mine has a mark on it.
Two, why is my vat leaking all the time despite everything I try?
Three, do holes/stuck on resin on the LCD screen affect prints? I have left the resin now as it is pulling the screen apart. This is not the protective film that comes with it when shipped. That had grit under it so I had to remove it straightaway.
Im reluctant to replace a relatively new screen given the cost. Especially as I haven’t managed to fix the leaks.



I have the 130 and use the FEP vat a lot. Peopoly did not do a great job showing that all four sides are not equal and you can end up putting the gasket in the wrong orientation exacerbating leaking problems like what you’re describing. I’m guessing that’s the issue you’re having.
The resin likes to get everywhere and will work its way in between layers of things, like gasket seals, making them useless. Peopoly.net does sell replacement parts such as gasket seals, but you can also get them locally (here in the US) from Matterhackers. Peopoly also sells updated and improved pieces of hardware that they should advertise more of because it really helps out the unit overall.

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I have two vats so I put a new FEP in the other one and am trying that.

I am in the U.K. so will see if I can find a local supplier for the gasket.

It wasn’t a cheap day as I ended up replacing the LCD screen too as it was ruined.

Thanks again


I would recommend cease using a leaking vat immediately until you can water test it and make sure it’s not leaking. I’m assuming you’re using one of the Phenoms given you mention LCD, which is probably better than dropping resin down a MOAI but still not desirable.

To water (or even IPA) test your vat, simply take it out of the machine and fill it up with aforementioned liquid. Should be pretty evident whether it’s leaking or not.

As far as resin on the LCD screen, putting a bit of IPA on the resin and letting it soak should help deteriorate the resin and make it curl up and/or remove easier. Would not recommend just scraping it off if you can avoid it.

Afraid I can’t really help with the phenom vat’s further then that as I don’t know a thing about them.

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It is a Peopoly Phenom.

I did soak the baked on resin with IPA but it still would not come off and finally it started to bring the LCD screen off with it.

I’ve put my second vat in with a new FEP so hopefully that will work better.



hi Kathy,

check your vat silicone gasket when you change fep to make sure it is not broken