LCD screen is solid black

I have an interesting failure.
After finishing a successful print, I Cleaned and re-leveled it and started a new print. When I came back ( 1 day later) I found that the screen was not creating Masks, was remaining completely black and the machine was running as though everything was fine ( i.e. touch screen was showing progress, what was being printed and the Z axis was moving correctly). Has my screen control board gone bad or is there another failure here. Please help.

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Iā€™m having the same problem. I am hoping to find a solution and get the printer working again.

Well, I have replaced the screen, cable, LCD Control board and the Motherboard. Nothing . I have a power supply inbound. Failing that , I have no idea. Any ideas on your end?

Share pictures or videos, so that everyone can help you, if you need further help, please email to contact, so that the peopoly technical team can help in time

Seems it WAS the Power supply. Printer is working perfectly now. No Idea why the PS failed but the LCD power was the culprit.
It is available on the peopoly website
p.s. The link looks wrong but it will take you to the proper area. Note there is no picture there but it is the correct part.

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Glad to hear that you are back in business!

I have an addendum.
It seems that , from the factory , the power supplies are not set to the correct voltage for a Phenom L ( mine was factory set at 42.1 Volts). I found that a Voltage of 50.0Volts is the correct setting. Heres how I got there.
You will need a Volt meter set to DC.
locate the LED power plug on the Power supply ( mine was the on the far right of the line of plugs with the Printer laid on its back and door facing up). Run the Screen Calibration test and place the Volt meter leads on the correct pins. If your Voltage is reading is 50 or better , you are good. If not, rotate the plastic dial ( between the Plugs) to the Left to increase the voltage to 50.
Test print using your settings and adjust as needed.
hope this helps.

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