LCD print time does not stop when print finishes


I was wondering why I was getting different print time readouts on the LCD when printing identical gcode and then I realised this morning that the print time on the LCD doesn’t actually stop when the print stops (the printer was idle and I noticed the print time kept going up), so in effect it is showing elapsed time since I started the print.

Is this the intended behaviour? It would be much more helpful if the time stopped once the print has finished. I am running 1.18 firmware.



Its been like that since the very start (since firmware 1.18) and @peopoly doesn’t seem to care very much about it. I don’t know what use the timer is if it doesn’t stop.



it will be fixed in the next firmware update

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I also reported the problem here. Firmware bug report : Print Time incorrect

Glad to hear that @peopoly is going to fix it. It’s a minor annoyance, but since I often start a print before I go to bed I don’t end up knowing how long a print took.