LCD not showing correctly


I had printed for 2 weeks with no problem but suddenly the LCD stopped working. I activate the calibrate function and the image wasn’t show correctly. I have a LCD to replace it, so i did it. But at the first printing the problem happened again with this new LCD.

It looks like the connection cable breaks during the printing.

LCD Phenom Noir

Both LCD had the same problem.

What do you think it may be?


  1. Check if the LCD screen cable is loose? Share your picture.
  2. Check if the drive board connection is loose


Thanks for your reply!

I did it. Neither the LCD screen cable nor the board connection are loose.

Please reply by email for timely follow-up

Did you learn what was causing the LCD screens to fail?

I have a Noir and had 2 LCD screens fail for no good reason. I am very concerned there are equipment and/or design flaws with the Noir.


On the edges of the lcd screen there is a gap between the glass and the lcd. If something make some pressure there it can break. So this was m y problem. lcd

Take a look if this part has any crack.


Thanks for sharing these details, and especially the image; this is very helpful. I examined the first Noir LCD screen that failed and there was damage in the same area. IMO, this appears to be due to a product design flaw where the damaged area is not supported under the glass and is highly susceptible to pressure damage.

I will examine the 2nd Noir LCD screen tonight and report back.

Thanks for the suggestion to a friend, the Noir-based panel has been improved

Here are some pictures to illustrate the damage to the first LCD screen that failed on my Noir. I suspect the second LCD screen that failed today is due to the same product design flaw but will know shortly.


You can clearly see the damage in the corner, similar to your screen. When I pulled back the tape, the damage was more evident.

Its surrounding edges are very fragile, so you need to pay attention to it during installation. According to user feedback, the factory has begun to improve its assembly process, thank you

Hi everybody.

I am in contact with the support by e-mail and them are helping me.
They informed that they made this improvement to not be that fragile anymore.

But for now I have made an improvement by myself.

First I put some glue on this gap.

Second I didn’t overlap the 2 stripes like the image. I cut one.


Did this fix the broken LCD screen or did you apply these to a new LCD screen?

Just did it to a new LCD…

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Ok, thanks again for sharing the details; this is very helpful. I am working with Peopoly Customer Service to get a replacement LCD and have been told they have made some modifications. I will post pictures of the new LCD once it arrives.

The corners of the LCD screen itself are very fragile, it is a thin layer of circuit board, you need to use it carefully. Now its packaging technology has been improved.

To clarify, the damage to (2) LCD screens had nothing to do with proper use or care. I was able to get 3-4 successful prints from both screens before they failed. The machine was working fine and producing good results, before it suddenly had a screen failure. Both of the screens failed because the product had a design flaw that left a critical part of the LCD screen unsupported.

I am waiting to receive a new LCD screen that has been updated to reinforce the unsupported area with “UV gel”, which should fix this design flaw. I will post an update with pictures as soon as I receive the new LCD screen.

I may be facing the same issue, just had the noir for about 2 weeks and its suddenly kaput. I am contacting peopoly for help on this, im not as savvy around machines

I had also an LCD display failing with a cable connector loose on the LCD. this caused a random flashing picture in exposure mode.

The solution was to plug it back firmly, which did fix the problem.


(Don’t mind My RC planes reflection.)

A side note, the Firmware should include an accumulated hour odometer of the LCD used so it can track the usage of it before total failure during a run!.

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