LCD Lifespan, is it "on time" or "print time"?

I’m in the market for a phenom, and I’m trying to decide if the Noir is worth the extra $1300.

They list a Mono LCD lifetime of 1200 hours for the Noir, compared to just 400 hours for the RGB Phenom.

My question is this “LCD on time”, or an estimate based on “total print time”?

The difference between the exposure times between the two printers is far greater than the difference in overall print times. The decision is a no-brainer if we’re talking exposure times, but I don’t think that’s what Peopoly is referring to.

Can anybody give any insight to this?

Noir’s advantage is its fast printing speed. Its printing speed is 1.5 times that of phenom. The average printing time of the Noir screen is 1200 hours. The average printing time of phenom screen is 400 hours.

So it’s “print time” not LCD time… Interesting,

Is the reason for the shortened “on time” life span of the Mono LCD due to the increased UV, or is it just conservative estimating? I would hope to get 6 times the amount of prints out of an lcd that is 6 times faster, but 1200 hours at 1.5 the speed is only 4.5 times the prints.

The service life of the screen is not only related to the screen itself, but also to the use environment, resin type, and printing habits. 1200 hours is the average printing time, most of them use more than 2000 hours.

The print time calculation is used because even when the LED is not shinning thru the LCD screen, it is still “on” just displaying all black. This is true for both monochrome and color screens.

Also, something to consider is one of the biggest killers to the screens themselves is heat. The curing resin gets hot and the uncured resin in the vat acts as a heatsink, but it still heat the screen. It’s like setting a boiling pan of water on a stone counter top. This is one of the reasons why PeoPoly recommends (but doesn’t restrict) using their resins, as the amount of heat they will generate are within tolerances for maximum screen life.

Hope this helps.


Thank you! that makes total sense!