LCD DLP Resins for MOAI 200

I know this subject has almost been exhausted but I’m looking for LCD/DLP resins that work on a Moai 200, with FEP and glass. I have the PDMS and fep but I know the LCD resins work on the moai 130 with the fep and vat only. I’ve read the peal forces are greater on the 200 but i’m willing to sacrifice some prints if I can at least get some success in using a cheaper resin. I’ll beef up the supports and lower laser exposure to 49 as others have recommended. I’ve looked at the resin exposure charts also, but Peopoly resin is the only recommended one for Moai 200.

So my question: has anyone had success with any of the DLP/LCD resins on a Moai 200?

Thanks in advance!

@masterhobbyist You can print LCD/DLP on Moai 200, but it just a lot harder to get them work.
You can use the same resin brands recommended in the exposure chart

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