Lcd control screen not working

Juat bought and recieved my PHENOM L. stir up and started the setup guide and when I got to leveling test first problem occurred. It did not want to stop even though it triggered the END STOP. the z axis would keep spinning trying to force the built plate through the print screen. Luckily it cant go further and didnt break my screen.

After a lot of power off power on power off power ons I managed to finally level and SET Z=0 for assigning the lowest it could go as home.

But then when I wanted to check and make sure it was working my CONTROL LCD SCREEN continues to fail. Doesnt matter what I do with the power button or cord, it boots up and stays a white or grayish screen. No peopoly logo, no control buttons (manual, support, print) just a bunch if little colour dots, pure white, grey or squiggle lines as if I had dropped or punched the LCD screen. It came in a wooden crate FILLED WITH FOAM PROTECTORS EVERYWHERE including in the printer itself. So I really doubt its shipping or setup damage since it literally has never touched the ground. It went from crate to its table top and setup began. Attached pics of what the screen looks like. And what the screen looks like compared to my creality which is on beside it and working perfectly


The touch screen is in poor contact, please check. If it still does not display properly, please contact us via email. peopoly will help you in time.