Layers estimated in asura

Would it be possible to have Asura provide a layer number based on slicing thickness?
The lower right corner shows info for each slice option including resin usage.
Would be nice to know how many layers will be created with a given slice also without having to start the print and let the printer tell me.
Since I can’t get a reliable print time estimate I usually use layer count to guess at about how long it will take.

Given it’s not an MSLA printer it’ll vary pretty wildly depending on how much stuff is on the build plate.

That said, you can probably do it by math:

(Height of tallest model [Y value in scale] + support height/offset)/layer height

ie: 100mm tall model + 6mm support offset / 0.04mm = ~2650 layers.

I’m aware that it’s a bad way to estimate time but I’m only roughly guessing based on experience if it might take 6 hours or 36 hours.
Also, I know the math is easy, that’s why I want the software to do it for me and display it next to all that other slicing/resin use data that’s on the screen all the time anyway.

The time estimate is vary base on your Moai settings
But it’s roughly 1/4 estimated time when sliced in Cura

I understand that.
The original request was that Asura show the number of layers for a given slice preset.
I ask because when I skied a model on pc my printer showed over 2000 layers.
@alex printed the same gcode and his printer only showed a bit over 1000 layers.
I would like Asura to tell me what to expect so when I start a print if the number is way off I won’t let it run for hours before maybe experiencing a fail.

I will add that in our to-do list